Rowing practice
(10-15 minutes)
Experiment with different damper settings. See which one works best for you, from low rowing cadence to high rowing cadence. Check your heart rate, monitor your breathing rhythm, and determine a good damper setting to use on the WOD.

Squat Depth Work
(15 minutes)
Develop your squat depth for the wallballs; you don’t want to be too shallow! “Bottom squat position” refers to the bottom of your squat (how low you can normally go). Go through this progression to warm up and become stable in that position:
1). Pause and hold Bottom Squat position (with or without assistance)
2). Drop to bottom squat position (from standing, drop and hold bottom squat position)
3). Medicine Ball Clean, hold bottom position
4). Wallball reps, one at a time, starting with MedBall on ground (MB Clean into wallball, one rep at a time).

Open WOD 17.4

(15 minutes)
55 Deadlifts
55 Wallballs
55 Calorie Row
55 Handstand Push ups

Scaling can be found on the Open 17.4 workout description

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