Squat Therapy
3 minutes squat bottom position hold/stretch. Hold the bottom position as long as you can, working on achieving full depth. Slightly rounded back is OK while doing this, since you are unloaded (no bar or weight). Elbows inside knees, and spread knees apart by clasping hands together.

2 minutes Mountain climber stretch. Put a foot forward and hold stretch as deep as possible, working on keeping front foot flat.
1 minute  Walking knee hugs (notice in video demonstrator does not round his back)


Unbroken Pull ups
Unbroken Push Ups
20 Air Squats

Each round is probably going to be a different number of reps. How many pull ups you do depends on how many you can (or want to) do unbroken. Same story for push ups. Air squats, you will do 20 each round no matter what.

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