Back Squat 5×5
(25 minutes)
2 warm up sets
5 sets of 5 @ 75%
Superset: 20 Banded marching steps holding medicine ball

Polar Bear Complex
(20 minutes)
If these are tough or intimidating, keep the weight down until your confidence builds. If it feels good, keep working up as heavy as you can while remaining as confident as your lighter sets:

Snatch Balance
Overhead Squat

Coaches: modify the complex as needed if individual needs warrant. Common issues below:

Squat depth issue:
-Power snatch into overhead squat
-Behind the neck push press into overhead squat

-Overhead squat

Timing issue, jumping too high, looping the bar:
-snatch high pull
-high hang snatch or power snatch

-PRESSING snatch balance, with no dip drive before pushing under the bar

-overhead squat

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