The Team

  • Heather Geyer

  • Mike Einstein

    "What I enjoy most about coaching CrossFit is working with the “average joe” and helping athletes reach accomplishments they never dreamed of! No matter your age, size, or ability, there is a place for YOU in the CrossFit community."

  • Srdjan Acimovic

    "As a trainer, I get the opportunity to work with our athletes and show them how CrossFit touches every aspect of their life even if they don’t realize it at first."

  • Angela Veternick

  • Guillermo Contreras

    "Whether for sport or life, the principles of safety, efficient human movement, and adequate strength can be applied to all individuals seeking to lead a healthy active lifestyle."

  • Kevin Bania

    "Getting in the best shape of my life never would have been so much fun (never would have been possible at all) without the people I’ve met at Cream City CrossFit."

  • Angela Michalski

    "What I love about CrossFit is that it empowers athletes, especially women because they learn to do things they never imagined themselves being able to do. Doing CrossFit builds self confidence and self esteem and helps people realize that being strong is awesome, which translates into being happier and more self sufficient in every day life."