Class Reservation and Check-in information

Due to mandated class size restrictions required for protecting the health of our members, all classes/open gym sessions require a class reservation in Zen Planner (ZP).

Class Reservations/Cancellations via ZP

  • Classes are capped at the number reflected in ZP.
  • Download the ZP member app to your phone.
  • You may reserve classes 3 days prior to the session and up to one hour before.  Zen Planner will not allow reservations sooner than 30 minutes prior to class so be sure to check for openings and reserve before then.  Do not just show up at the gym if you don’t have a reservation and the class is full.  This will put coaches in the uncomfortable position to have to ask you to leave.  No one wants to do that.
  • If you need to cancel a class you have reserved, you may do so up to 1 hour before the class.  If necessary, you can message a coach or the team via the ZP member app if you need someone to cancel a class for you.
  • Those looking to get into a class have up until 30 minutes before class to join. So keep checking for cancellations.
  • If you have an overdue bill, ZP will not allow you to reserve a class.
  • There will be a $5 charge assessed to those unlimited members that reserve, but do not cancel the class.  Those with 9 class/month memberships will have a missed class count as one of their classes attended.  We hate to do this, but due to limited class size requirements it is out of fairness for others that are wanting to get into the class, but can’t.  We want people to monitor their reservations and cancel so others can get in.  There is no charge at this time for missed open gym sessions – but we still ask that you cancel so those wanting to workout with fewer people in the gym can see an accurate reservation number.  However, if there is a time slot that tends to fill up, we may reconsider charging a fee for failure to cancel.
  • Open gym times are back to back, so athletes need to monitor their time at the gym to prevent having more than the allotted number of people the gym at once.  Please be considerate of others and ensure you get in and get your workout done promptly if the session after you is full.

Click HERE to go to the ZP website if you have questions on reserving or cancelling classes online.

Class/Open Gym Check-In (New)

All members are required to check themselves in for class and open gym on the ZP member app on your phone when they arrive. The coaches will verify check-in during class. Note: if you have an overdue bill or a flag on your account, you will not be able to reserve a class or be checked in.