I want to thank Howy and all the Cream City Cross Fit staff for all the help they have given me. I am 44 years old, in the best shape of my life and getting better!

For most of my life, I only exercised occasionally, but about 8 years ago I started running 5ks. Soon, that progressed to 10k’s to half marathons to full marathons. I started doing occasional triathlons. I even managed to complete a full Ironman. For a while I thought I was in shape. But slowly, I started to realize I wasn’t fit at all. I had a very specific aerobic fitness, but nothing else. Strong legs, weak body.

I tried CrossFit on a whim – I didn’t know much about it. I came into the introductory class knowing it would be challenging, but I felt confident my running fitness would allow me to get through it. I was wrong. Even the warmups were difficult. Sure, marathon training taught me to run slowly in a straight line for miles and miles, but doing a simple squat or a set of push-ups killed me. Heck, even jumping rope tired me out. I had no muscles, no flexibility, no core fitness.

I stuck with it and now I love the Crossfit – It’s fun and motivating. It was hard at first, but the more I did it, the more I appreciated the format. My strength, flexibility, and core fitness have increased dramatically! I’m running faster than ever before, despite cutting back my running schedule significantly.

Howy has been instrumental in getting me fit. He’s been an awesome motivator and coach. In fact, all the staff has been incredible. I couldn’t be more pleased with Cream City Cross Fit.

– Kristian L.


Before CrossFit, I would do the same workout routine over and over. I was BORED and therefore frustrated that I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I joined Cream City CrossFit (CCCF) in February 2013 and haven’t looked back. I was wavering between two boxes and I ended up choose CCCF because of their experienced coaches and the way their introduction to CrossFit is designed. Instead of throwing newcomers right into the regular workouts, there are separate smaller On-Ramp classes where you get more one-on-one attention and supervision. During these classes, you are given instruction on a different movement or technique that’s commonly seen in CrossFit before participating in a WOD. This really put my mind at ease, considering I never had much experience with weightlifting prior to starting CrossFit.

I really cannot say enough about the coaches at CCCF. They are truly knowledgeable about the movements and how to properly scale them if you cannot safely execute them Rx’d (as prescribed). However, I think what elevates CCCF above other boxes is that the coaching staff follows up with why you may not be able to do the movement, giving you several different cues or mobility exercises to try and correct the problem. They encourage forward progress and want you to succeed. CCCF’s members span the entire spectrum of athletic ability so I’ve never felt intimidated during classes. That’s the beauty of CrossFit – no matter your ability, it’ll still kick your butt! I’ve also never been bored from a workout since! The sense of encouragement coming from the coaches and my fellow members is what really keeps me coming back. That and I’m seeing physical results! Since I started almost a year ago, I lost 10 pounds and kept it off, I can do a proper pushup, and I’m getting SO close to getting that elusive pull-up. I encourage anyone who may be tired of their monotonous workout, wants to get in shape, and wants to learn from experienced, friendly, and down-to-earth coaches to come and check out Cream City CrossFit. Seriously, DO IT!

– Chelsea M.

Coach Howy at Cream City has built something really special. Cream City is more than just a gym, it’s a community. I wasn’t expecting that when I first decided to try it out. It’s great because the workouts at times can be so challenging that you need that community spirit and bond with other athletes to push you to the finish.

When I first started I was out of shape and weak. I took Howy’s advice and started coming to two classes a week, religiously. I took to the routine and give it my all. Some of those 6pm classes made me really wonder why I put myself through it all, yet I kept coming back. All the coaches were really great and motivational. With my schedule, it was difficult to get to the gym more than 2 days a week, so I stuck to that schedule and I was seeing results in no time. I remember scaling my pull ups in those first few weeks to using the rubber bands to assist me. Within four months I had gotten to the point where I could do 40 pull ups unassisted! My legs went from a neglected, weak part of my body, to the strongest part of my body. I remember thinking how crazy some of the workouts were, some were just plain odd. But they were all designed and implemented for a reason and by the end of the routine I always knew why. Howy places a great deal of importance on Oly lifting and that helped build such a strong base to build from.

Becoming a member of Cream City CrossFit is truly a life altering decision. Every part of your body from your brain to your toes is challenged at some point….sometimes all at once! It brings out a great deal of self-confidence when you discover how strong you really are. I can’t thank all the coaches enough for their dedication in helping me reach my goals.

– Adam N.