Cream City CrossFit Co-op August 2019 Newsletter


Welcome to our new, expanded Cream City CrossFit Newsletter! Please take a moment to read this month’s update, assembled by our dedicated volunteer staff. If you would like to contribute a news story, article, or announcement, please send an email to!


Welcome Baby Contreras!

We are beyond excited to announce the arrival of Ellie Roselia Contreras, daughter of Coach Guillermo and Coach Kelsey. It won’t be long before she is crushing WODs and dominating the BTWB leaderboard. Congrats G-mo & Kelsey!


Don’t Miss Our Final Chill on the Hill!

Tuesday: August 13, 2019: 6pm-9pm
Summer is starting to wind down! Don’t miss your final chance to Chill on the Hill with your fellow athletes. All members, alumni, potential members, and friends of the gym are welcome to hang out at our tent. We’ll have a cooler filled with beverages meant for sharing! Stop by and just chill! (More Info…)

Bay View Bash is Coming Up in September!

Saturday: September 21, 2019: 11am-6pm
All members, alumni, potential members, and friends of the gym — stop by and hang out with your fellow athletes. We are looking for volunteers to help staff the booth. 

The purpose of the event is to help build awareness of our co-op and recruit new members. This year, we’ll have demonstrations of strength and fitness. The wheel of “Pain or Gain” will be back for a chance to win prizes — t-shirts, stickers, koozies, water bottles, and membership! There will be great specials for anyone looking to give CrossFit a try!
(More Info…)


Welcome New Members!

The heart and soul of our cooperative is our membership and the ability for everyone to become a vested owner in our cooperative. In June and July, we added five awesome new members!

Welcome Owen, Nicole, Anna, Drew, & Brigg!

We would also like to congratulate our newest vested owner: Katelyn Colburn!


Congratulations to the Committed Club!

Big shout out to our members that put in work last month and earned a spot in the Committed Club. July’s winner is Katelyn Jean! She wins a yoga gift card and a box of protein bars!

Anyone can join the Committed Club! Just show up at least 15 times a month and you’ll be entered into our monthly prize drawing.

August Birthdays!

Please take a moment to wish these members a very happy birthday this month and PLEASE help them count their birthday burpees when they lose track!

Clockwise from top-left:

  • Thamie Nañez (8/08)
  • Lee Wagner (8/9)
  • Eileen Murray (8/24)
  • Bradley Will (8/30)
  • Stacey Steirer (8/31)


Why Am I Hurt?

From Coach Guillermo Contreras:
Very often, when we have an athlete come to us with some sort of pain, their first question is trying to understand what they could have done to themselves to cause their injury. They are trying to pinpoint the exact thing that caused their knee to hurt, their shoulder to ache, their low back to explode. What I always point these athletes to is the simple explanation that what likely happened (as long as there wasn’t any actual event, i.e., a fall, rolled ankle, accident, giving a friend a piggyback and tripping) is that they simply pushed passed their body’s capacity for load.

Our bodies are able to handle a lot of stress — a LOT. Look at weightlifters snatching 300#, powerlifters squatting 700#, runners going for 50 milers, women giving birth to children. Those are some incredibly intense stresses to the human body. What they all show is that the body is incredibly resilient and capable of some absolutely amazing things. It also shows that the human body is incredibly ADAPTABLE.

So what’s the point of all that and what does load and capacity even mean?

It’s not a perfect example, but let’s think of it like a 12 oz cup. That cup has a capacity for 12 oz of fluid. What happens when you pour 8 oz of water in? The cup can contain it. What if we try to pour 16 oz into that same 12 oz cup? The water overflows but it likely only makes a small mess. Now, what happens if we dump 20-30 oz in? We have a much bigger mess on our hands.

Same goes for when we stress our bodies more than they can handle! When we pour more stress into our lives and bodies — whether that’s the bad stressors from life or the good stressors like exercises and fitness — too much can lead to overloading our body’s capacity to adapt, and that is when injuries occur.

So while it’s not always 100% the case, in the world of the CrossFit box, when we are dealing with an injury or some nagging aches and pains, we can usually take a look at the movements we are performing, the volume we are performing them at, and the loads we are using as a big clue to what could be causing our pain.

The infographic below helps simplify this thought:

For those of us who may enjoy listening more than reading, head on over to wherever you listen to iTunes and check out the Physio RXd Podcast. We recently posted an episode titled “Why am I hurt?” discussing this very topic! We also go into more details and provide more examples if this was too complicated.

If you’re dealing pain and injuries and are not sure how to get better and improve your pain/symptoms, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your resident PhysioCoaches Guillermo and Kelsey Contreras. Shoot us an email at or reach out to us via social media @crossphysioMKEon Instagram or CrossPhysio on Facebook!

Guillermo Contreras, PT, DPT, CF-L1
Certified – Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete
Physio – Coach – Athlete



Nourishing Health Transformation

From Coach Angie Michalski:
I recently became a certified Precision Nutrition (PN) coach. PN is a widely respected nutrition education program and I am excited to start working with those that are interested in improving their health by focusing on the lifestyle factors that can make a positive influence on health and reduce the incidence of chronic illness. I can help you with your health, nutrition and fitness related goals and in doing so we will start with where you are at and work from there with a solid plan for achieving your set goals.

The goal is to make sustainable changes, which means I work with people to help change their habits over time so that you aren’t dieting and feeling deprived. For those looking to change body competition by counting macros, I can help with that as well. In addition, I can also work with those looking to build muscle or improve performance in the gym or in life in general.

I’m still working on updating my website, but here is a link: 

Why Nourishing Health Transformations?  Because I believe that by being mindful of lifestyle factors, including what you eat, you can nourish your body and restore health or lose weight and reverse many common (but not normal) issues that adults suffer from today. Having an autoimmune thyroid disorder has really taught me so much about everything in general and that I think gave me the ability to relate so much more to having random symptoms and digestive issues that doctors just can’t pinpoint or know how to help with. Taking control of your health is actually easier than one might think! It just starts with working with a good health coach.

If you would like to work with me individually, you can email me at  If you are interested in a group gym challenge, stay tuned!


Having Trouble Meeting Your Weight Loss Goals?

From Coach Angie Michalski:
Having trouble meeting your weight loss goals? Do you swear you are eating healthy, but the weight won’t come off? Weight loss is about having a calorie deficit. If you’ve never measured/tracked your food in a program such as MyFitnessPal, you should give it a try. You might be surprised to see some sneaky calories in there! Tracking your food for a few days is a good idea to see where you might have areas to improve. You can lose weight without dieting if you are mindful of what you eat.