Drop-In Options

Drop-In only:
$20 for CrossFit / Olympic Weightlifting.

Drop-Ins + T-shirt:
Here’s a great deal — get a t-shirt with your drop-in for only $5 more.

Once you determine which drop-in option you wish to choose from, we ask for a few favors:

  1. Use this link to complete the waiver, make payment, and reserve your class: Sign-up
  2. Complete and submit the contact form below to let us know a little about you so we can prepare for your visit.
  3. Check out the picture of the red building to see where the entrance to our gym is.

Payment options:
While we prefer payment online at the time of signup, we realize some people prefer to pay in cash.  If you prefer cash payment, exact payment is preferred as we likely cannot provide change.  Pay the coach prior to the start of class.

Where to park:
We have plenty of parking on the street or the two surface lots.

What’s the workout?
View the WOD

This contact form is optional, but we’d love if you’d drop us a line and let us know you are coming.