Memberships & Fees

Memberships & Fees

Our gym is a co-op, designed to provide services to our member-owners at a lost cost! All new members that join the co-op are considered co-op owners, with the ability to help shape the gym by voting in elections and have their voice be heard at monthly board meetings. We are building this gym together!

Unlimited Membership for New Owners is:
Explanation: This monthly fee is divided into a $105 membership + $25 ownership investment. Once the new owner has accrued a $300 investment, typically after 12 months, they are considered ‘vested owners’ and need only pay the $105 monthly membership fee going forward. Big savings after only only one year! (Includes Olympic Lifting Classes)

Unlimited Membership for ‘Vested Owners’ is: $105/month
Once you have invested your $300, you qualify for our standard $105 rate.
(Includes Olympic Lifting and Yoga Classes)

2x/week Membership: $85/month (CrossFit classes only)
10-Class Punchcard: $135 (can use for all classes)
5-Class Punchcard: $75 (can use for all classes)

New members without previous CrossFit experience must attend a 3-class On-Ramp program prior to beginning group CrossFit classes. Any member can become an owner with a $300 investment. Ownership comes with additional benefits, including membership and other discounts along with the opportunity to help shape the gym by voting in elections and serving on the board of directors.

Drop-Ins: $20
Drop-Ins are easy! Have an iPhone? Click here to book now.  See our open class times & secure your spot using the Highfive Drop-in App. Otherwise, send us an email and let us know you are coming!

Suspending or Terminating Memberships / Membership Holds
Our memberships are month-to-month. You can suspend your membership at any time, but please provide us with notice one month prior to your renewal period.  We cannot place membership holds for vacations.

Employer Wellness Discounts
Many members of Cream City CrossFit can earn “discounts” to our gym through their employer wellness programs! We currently support a program called Healthy Contributions – this allows Milwaukee Public School Employees and members with United Healthcare Coverage (check your plan – this varies by employer) to get back $20/month if you attend regular workouts (12x a month). We handle all the paperwork and confirm your participation each month. You keep the money and stay healthy!

Check with your employer – If you have coverage with another carrier and they offer this incentive, please contact and we’ll let you know if Cream City Cross Fit Co-Op can partner with them to save you some cash!