Membership Options

A message for those coming from other CrossFit communities:
We are in the middle of a neighborhood and have neighbors above us and all around us.  As a result, we are committed to being a good neighbor and doing our part to minimize loud noises from barbell drops by controlling our barbells as we lower them.

Class Reservation Requirement – COVID-19 Updates (6.1.20):
Classes are capped at 9 members per class.  Everyone is required to have a class reservation for the class they are attending.  Classes may be cancelled up to two hours prior to class and can be reserved up to one hour prior to class.

No shows for unlimited memberships will be accessed a $5 fee.  For those with a 9x/month membership, missed classes will count as attended.


We are the people’s gym and our gym is a co-op.  We reward our members for staying committed.  Once you are a vested owner, you will be paying the lowest prices in the area with your vested owner membership.

Unlimited Membership/All Access Gym Options: 
Unlimited Membership for New Members and Non-Vested Owners is: $140/month
Unlimited Membership for ‘Vested Owners’ is: $105/month
Unlimited Membership & All Access Gym Pass is:  Additional $30/month.

Both memberships include access to Beyond the Whiteboard (BTW) for workout tracking.  Lockers are available for unlimited members, if available.

OTHER Membership Options: 
9x/month Membership: $85/month (CrossFit classes only, access to BTW). Do not select this option if you are a new member without prior CrossFit experience .
10-Class CrossFit Class Punchcard: $135 (Expires after 3 months)
5-Class CrossFit Class Punchcard: $75 (Expires after 3 months)

How to become a vested owner:
Any member can become an owner with a $300 investment.  With the “Unlimited Membership for New Member and Non-Vested Owners” membership, $25 of the monthly payment is automatically “invested” towards ownership.  After 12 months of payments, your $300 investment is accrued and your unlimited membership will be changed to the “vested owner” membership and you will pay the current owner rate.  The member is responsible for emailing membership to switch to the owner membership two weeks prior to switch the membership.  This is a big savings after only one year and with your commitment, you will pay the lowest rates in the area!   

Membership FAQ:

We do not require members to sign contracts, however, autopay is required and is approved by your sign waiver.  Autopay can be cancelled when you Email:  two weeks prior to the payment due date.  Failure to provide adequate notice will not result in a refund.

How to sign up
First, sign up on-line for our FREE intro class (no need to sign up for a membership yet).  Complete the waiver and reserve your free class.  After your free intro class, you can determine if you wish to continue.  After the free intro class, you will then sign up for the “Unlimited Membership for New Member and Non-Vested Owners membership option.

Canceling Memberships / Membership Holds
Our memberships are month-to-month-no contract required. You can cancel your membership at any time, but please provide us with notice 2 weeks prior to your renewal period.  Please note:  We cannot place membership holds for short term vacations.  Email:

Employer Wellness Discounts
Many members of Cream City CrossFit can earn “discounts” to our gym through their employer wellness programs! We currently support a program called Healthy Contributions – this allows Milwaukee Public School Employees and members with United Healthcare Coverage (check your plan – this varies by employer) to get back $20/month if you attend regular workouts (12x a month). We handle all the paperwork and confirm your participation each month. You keep the money and stay healthy!

Check with your employer – If you have coverage with another carrier and they offer this incentive, please contact and we’ll let you know if Cream City CrossFit Co-Op can partner with them to save you some cash!