Chad Crull


"CrossFit has opened so many new doors for me physically, emotionally, professionally and socially."


• CrossFit Level 1
• Certified  Professional Association of Dive Instruction (PADI)
• Advanced Open Water Diver

I began competing in sports in fifth grade as a youth football player. I credit that decision with changing my life in such a monumental way and forging my path as an active person. I have been involved in competitive sports ever since. My athletic experience includes football, wrestling, track, and baseball as well as a few intramural activities in between high school and my current situation. I have been in the Military now for 7 years and counting and I carry this over into my attention to detail with physical training and coaching. As a supervisor I have acquired the patience and interpersonal skills to address deficiencies in the most effective manner.

began CrossFit in February of 2013 after reading an article about Rich Froning and thinking to myself, “I’m about that same size, I have been selling myself way short!” The concept of being so versatile and well-rounded physically, really spoke volumes to me. I have been hooked ever since. CrossFit has opened so many new doors for me physically, emotionally, professionally and socially; I’m excited to see with dedication and commitment, where it will continue to take me.

Favorite WODS:

Chippers and Gymnastic WODS 

Least Favorite:

Anything with Thrusters and overhead lunges, This means I make sure to come to these WOD’s!

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