Kevin Bania

CrossFit L1 Trainer, since 2011; Vested Owner, since 2015; Board of Directors, since 2015


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • USA Weightlifting
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology, UW-Milwaukee, Minor in Business
  • High School Track & Field Jumps Coach
  • CPR/AED certified

I was introduced to CrossFit while deployed to Iraq in 2007.  I always thought I was fairly fit, but following CrossFit’s methodology has helped to tap into levels of fitness I had no idea I was capable of.  Not only did I realize I could box jump over 64” and make it on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, but CrossFit also helped better prepare me both mentally and physically for the rigors of life, from combat in the streets of Baghdad to helping neighbors shovel the sidewalk and put in fences here back home.  CrossFit has been life-changing in its community-driven approach to fitness and health, and I would have never accomplished many of the things I have without it, nor would I have met the wonderful people that share such passion for life and the ability to fully experience it.

I’ve applied training philosophies and methodology to help high school athletes excel in extracurricular sports, improve movement quality and function in others’ day-to-day lives, all while having a blast doing so.  Getting in the best shape of my life never would have been so much fun (never would have been possible at all) without the people I’ve met at Cream City CrossFit.