Megan Buschkopf

CrossFit L1 Trainer since 2015; Vested Owner since 2020


  • Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
  • USA Weightlifting Certified
  • CPR/AED Certified


    Current WI State Record Holder Women’s Master’s (35-39)

  • 64kg class: Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Total
  • 71kg class: Snatch
    American Open Series Women’s Masters (35-39)

  • 64kg class: Silver Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and Total (AO Series 1: 2019)
  • 71kg class: Silver Snatch (AO Series 2: 2019)
    Master’s Pan American Championships (35-39)

  • 64kg: Bronze Total (2018)


I found CrossFit in 2015, at a time in my life when I was looking not just for exercise, but for community. I was training for marathons at the time, and, after years of long hours training alone, the CrossFit family atmosphere felt like coming home. 

I soon discovered that Olympic lifting was my favorite part of CrossFit s programming. The beauty of those lifts sparked my interest, and I started to specialize more in that branch of the programming. The barbell has provided me some amazing opportunities to compete locally, nationally, and internationally as a master’s weightlifter.

I have been coaching since 2015 and have been able to learn from some incredible people in the CrossFit and weightlifting community. I love being able to apply their knowledge with the athletes I coach. I am passionate about safe and efficient movement and I believe it is the key to longevity and growth. My goal is to create a positive and supportive athlete-coach relationship so people can push beyond their comfort zones, achieving things they never imagined were possible.