Welcome to the Cream City CrossFit Newsletter! We apologize if this edition is a bit light, a bit late in the month. It’s a busy month and our gym is run almost exclusively by volunteers. We need your help! If you would like to contribute a story, article, or announcement, please send an email to!

Quick Bits of News:

  • We are happy to introduce our newest coach, Teddi Swartz, who brings a welcome infusion of energy and knowledge to our box! Many of you have already met her. And…congratulate her on passing her CF Level 2 coaching certification earlier this month!
  • We also excited to welcome back Coach Kelsey after a too-short period of maternity rest.
  • Cream City CrossFit is excited to announce that we have recently fulfilled the terms of our equipment loan. As an organization, we are now debt-free, building a strong financial foundation for the future.
  • The CrossFit Games Open is in full swing. Expect challenging workouts each Friday for the next 4 weeks.


5 Ways to Stay on Track this Holiday Season

From Coach Angie Michalski:

The holiday season that once started a couple of weeks after Thanksgiving and concluded at the end of December now starts in September and ends sometime after the new year.

Pumpkin spice season and Octoberfest kick off the holiday season with yummy treats, beverages, and beer in September, which extends the season an additional 3-4 months!  On top of that, blended families and families not wanting to miss out on seeing all family members have incorporated additional days to celebrate holidays in order to see everyone. Then, there are the co-workers and friends, where it is also now the tradition to have the holiday party at work, or outside of work, and it keeps ongoing. Everyone is stressed trying to fit it all in.

So how can you stay on track amongst all the chaos as you try and fit everything in?  How can you prevent the stress and the weight gain that occurs for many?


Check Out These PRs!

Each month, our athletes prove that consistency in training and dedication to fitness can provide continuous improvement. Check out these PRs from the month of September!

Manny Munoz – 41-inch box jump (1 inch PR)

Shae Franke – 30-inch box jump (3 inch PR)

Lee Wagner – Annie Rx (53 second PR)

Geof Storms – 1 rep max Thruster (10 lb PR)

Tom Murray – Grace (24 second PR scaled)

Becca Dittberner – 1 rep max Clean & Jerk (10lb PR)

Katelyn Colburn – 1 rep max Clean & Jerk (10lb PR)

Guillermo Contreras – 1 rep max snatch (15lb PR)


Welcome New Members!

In September, we added four new members and welcomed back two old friends.

Welcome Tony Gomez, Sarah Hill, Teddi Swartz, and Caitlyn O’Toole. Welcome back, Kayla Smith and J Moran.


Congratulations to the Committed Club!

Sharon W is our big winner this month! Congratulations to our athletes that have made the commitment to consistency and health!

Anyone can join the Committed Club! Just show up at least 15 times a month and you’ll be entered into our monthly prize drawing.

Rock-tober Birthdays!

There are a lot of gym birthdays in the month of October! Wow!

We apologize for getting this newsletter out mid-month. Please wish all of these athletes a happy birthday regardless! And, as always, help them count their birthday burpees.

Row by Row, from left to right:

  • Kristian Lars Larsen (10/01)
  • Sarah Hill (10/02)
  • Teddi Swartz (10/02)
  • Jeff Miklas (10/05)
  • Jessica Bradway (10/09)
  • Sean Kennedy (10/23)
  • Angie Michalski (10/30)
  • Gael Paret (10/30)
  • Matt Borchardt (10/31)